Recent work

In theory we grow in experience from everything we do, we then apply this to whatever we do next. So the last work I’ve done should be my best, here are some of my most recent works.

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Cocoon Blog

cocoon blog

This was a quick addition to an already existing website I made for Cocoon Creative.

  • cocoon blog
  • The Project Overview

    Taking the look of the existing shop and applied it thoroughly to a Wordpress installation, then took the top navigation elements and retro applied them to the online shop, to make a seamless matching of the two.

    cocoon blog

Rubbish Removal London

Rubbish Removal London

Small website for a Gardening Service company who wanted to promote their waste collection service in Surrey & London.

  • Rubbish Removal LondonRubbish Removal London
  • The project overview

    RRL’s website was created to provide information and a point of contact for the RRL, who are looking to grow within the Surrey & London region.

    The look and feel is a break from the normal refuse collection and skip lorry services, it’s very clean looking and all imagery used is monotone with spot colours, the website palette also only consists of 3 colours. This was the facilitate cheap printing of leaflets that they were using to create interest locally.

    To this end all the illustrations were done in vector and any photographic images black & white, so that these can be scaled to any size required without loss of definition.view live site Launches new browser window

  • not bad...
  • The Logo design

    The final logo was abstract (derived from a skip) but could be used quite easily for all kinds of decorative themes, be it stationery, vehicle or website.

    During the projects initial brief I was told RRL printed leaflets to hand out and so 1 spot colour was used to keep costs down.

  • Rubbish Removal London

Kiuchi Brewery Website

Kiuchi Brewery website

Dual language CMS driven website for an internationally renowned brewery.

BVL Website Proposal

Business Vector website

A website appraisal & proposal for a international B2B language translation service.

  • BVL proposal
  • The Project Overview

    As a case study and because the website being used by a fellow course attendee was not doing justice to their company, So I drafted this design into a PDF and explained points that needed to be addressed to make the most of the website's potential.

    The PDF document I provided, viewable here (3.8mb)

  • BVL proposal
  • website

SEO Backlinks

SEO Backlinks

Clean look and feel for CMS driven website for SEO service

  • SEO backlinksSEO backlinksSEO backlinks
  • The Project Overview

    A quick logo type mark was created for this project and accompanying visuals created. The clients service is for providing website owners a method to curate contents of their websites using all kinds of media (articles, galleries, toutube & multimedia publishing). view live site Launches new browser window

    SEO backlinks

    All the images on the website are created by hand to help convey the service provided by

    SEO backlinks
  • BCL website
  • SEO backlinks

BCL Website

Building Company London website

A straight forward website built on an Opensource CMS.

  • BCL websiteBCL proposal
  • The Project Overview

    One of a number of website’s built for the Duckworth group of companies. Work covered the creation of the identity and design of the website and html code production